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Snowflake Boutonniere with Ice Beads
Snowflake Boutonniere with Ice Beads
Item#: 1b1038
Regular price: $28.00
Sale price: $26.00
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Item Details:
The original snowflake boutonniere with a spray of ice beads added for a distinguishing touch! This frosted acrylic snowflake is 4.4" wide set against a spray of acrylic ice beads with a satin wrapped stem. Perfect for a winter wedding!

Completion Time :
This boutonniere is made to order, and has a completion time of 2-3 weeks. If you need something sooner, please send a message before ordering to see if your time frame can be accommodated.

Shipping :
Once complete, the winter wedding boutonniere ships Priority Mail in the US, and First Class to the rest of the world.

Quantities: As these are labor intensive pieces, prices listed are the best prices, regardless of quantity.

International Orders: Please note that most countries with charge a customs/import fee prior to delivery.

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